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The Shell Center for Sustainability's mission is to foster an interdisciplinary program of research, outreach, and education to address actions that can be taken to ensure the sustainable development of communities' living standards, interpreted broadly, to encompass all factors affecting the overall quality of life.

Dr. Robert Griffin

Associate Professor, Master, Hanszen College
Department Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rice University

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Robert Griffin received his B.S. from Tufts University in 1993 and his M.S./Ph.D. from Caltech in 1997/2000 (all in chemical engineering). Between Tufts and Caltech, Dr. Griffin was a Research Assistant at Arthur D. Little, Inc. Previous academic appointments were held at Duke University and the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Griffin's research interests lie in performing field, laboratory, and computational experiments designed to understand the effects and behavior of organic species in the troposphere. These projects have been supported by NSF, NASA, EPA, NOAA, HARC, EPRI, CARB, the Dreyfus Foundation, and the Coordinating Research Council. Dr. Griffin's previous work has been published in journals that include Science, Environmental Science and Technology, The Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, Geophysical Research Letters, Atmospheric Environment, and The Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry. Dr. Griffin's teaching interests are focused on undergraduate courses in air pollution control and fluid mechanics and on graduate courses in atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric aerosols. He is a member of the American Association of Aerosol Research, the American Chemical Society, and the American Geophysical Union.

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