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The Shell Center for Sustainability's mission is to foster an interdisciplinary program of research, outreach, and education to address actions that can be taken to ensure the sustainable development of communities' living standards, interpreted broadly, to encompass all factors affecting the overall quality of life.


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Water: Effects on Life in the Houston Area

Artists & Artwork

Art Exhibition (Farnsworth Pavilion)
The art exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday, October 3 to Thursday, October 29, during regular hours. 

October 14, 2009. The winners of the Shell Center for Sustainability People's Choice Award in the Water-Effects on Life competition are: 

First Place
Milam Schverak, '61
Thicket Winter

Second Place
Jackie Liddell
Water Is My Life

Thirsd Place
Mary Fuller

Living Water 

 Art Exhib Winners-1009 
Winners:(l-r) Mary Fuller, Jackie Liddell (and fan), sponsors, Lilibeth Andre, Teresa Lee, and Amy Lin. Not in picture: First Place winner, Milam Schverak.
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Photo (l-r): Howie Doyle, Sarah Hazel, Becky Brocato, Mary Fuller, Victoria Lewelling, Belinda Smith, Nicola Parente,
Hebe Brooks, Kelly Halbach, Hana Case, Jackie Liddell, Luigino Alessandro Taboada, and Sarah Kitagawa)

August 28, 2009. The Shell Center for Sustainability announces the artist selection for the Water-Effects on Life in the Houstn Area exhibition.

Artists accepted into the exhibition are:

Rebecca Benitez
Becky Brocato*
Hebe Brooks*
Hana Case
Howie Doyle
Mary Fuller*
Natascha Gotesky
Kelly Halbach
Sarah Hazel
Sarah Kitagawa
Victoria Lewelling*
Jackie Liddell*
Nicola Parente
Milam Schverak*
Belinda Smith
Luigino Alessandro Taboada*
* Artists participating in the People's Choice Award that will take place during the reception on October 13, 2009. To vote on these artist's work giving them an opportunity to receive one of three awards you must be present at the event. See the schedule and program at:  Water Conference 



Rebecca Benitez, Introspect
 Brocato-Becky-Gandering Geese-w 
Becky Brocato, Gandering Geese 
 Brooks-Hebe-Rainy Day-w 
Hebe Brooks, Rainy Day
Case-Hana-Oil and Water-w
 Hana Case, Oil and Water 
 Doyle-Howie-Reciprocal Wave-w 
Howie Doyle, Reciprocal Wave
 Fuller-Mary-Living Water-w
Mary Fuller, Living Water 
 Gotesky-Natascha-Waters Portrait A delicate balance-w 
Natascha Gotesky, Water's Portrait-A Delicate Balance
 Halbach-Kelly-Finger spider conch in the surf-w
Kelly Halbach, Finger Spider Conch on the Surf  
 Hazel-Sarah-Reese and Hilary in Galveston-w 
Sarah Hazel, Reese and Hilary in Galveston
Kitagawa-Sarah-Lusty luscious loquats-w  
Sarah Kitagawa, Lusty Luscious Loquats
 Lewelling-Victoria-A Fish Tale-w 
Victoria Lewelling, A Fish Tale
  Liddell-Jackie-Water is my life-w 
Jackie Liddell, Water Is My Life
Nicola Parente, Pelagico
Schverak-Milam-Thicket Water-w
Milam Schverak, Thicket Winter
 Smith-Belinda-The Greening of Houstons Waterways-w
Belinda Smith, The Greening of Houston's Waterways
 Taboada-Luigino Alessandro-Ripple-w 
Luigino Alessandro Taboada, Ripple